Sönke Kluth is a Software Engineer from Berlin, Germany, a passioned Musician, Writer, addicted to Logic, Clearness, Harmony, Philosophy, Psychology and the Love to all Good – His Dog(s) Truth, Programming, Software Architectures, fascinating Technologies, Algorithms ..

Currently he is working as a freelance Front-end Engineer building web apps, native applications for mobile and desktop using JavaScript / Nodejs and all amazing frameworks and tools like React, React Native, Electron, Expo and many!!! more.

Building Software from websites to large-scale Applications for more than 10 years he is an Expert on Web Technologies and a big enthusiast of developing maintainable and scalable front-ends. To achieve this goal, he maintains open-source projects https://www.npmjs.com/~soenkekluth. In day-to-day works, he works on mobile web apps and JavaScript applications for intranets and as well as client apps. He manages teams and optimizes the front-end development process.

His Clients include more than:

Porsche, PayPal, Handelsblatt, Rheinische Post, BMW, AXE, Wacom, MC Donald’s, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Mont Blanc, Coca Cola, VIVA, N-TV, Walt-Disney, Hugo Boss, Philips, Ben & Jerry’s, Deutsche Telekom, Hewlett Packardt, Microsoft..



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